"Knock knock."

"Who is there?"


"56 who?"

"56 WHO ix the band!!!!"

(*cues begs audience to laugh*)

Very proud of their vocalist’s ability to emit masculine and falsetto feminine voice, 56ix the band came into existence in 2003 and took a little dip in all the music genres aiming to be the Jack of all Genres. With Rana Farooq on Vocals and Umer Ejaz behind the guitar, 56ix the Band credits itself with some brilliant numbers like Tumhey Pyar du, Na Ro and Mann Re. Their Cricket World Cup song Jeetain Ge released in February 2015 which they dedicated to the nation. We really hope they release at least 56 songs soon so if someone asks “Haan bhai, kitne gaanay bana liye?” they can proudly say “Ab Tak Chappan!” Anyone? Please?