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Part of Patari Tabeer!

Abid used to work as an errand boy in Sibbi. One of his jobs was to bring food and tea for artists performing at the local melas. He had the soul of an entertainer though, and so would often be asked to come on stage as an opening act where he would dance or crack jokes.

Abid had also taught himself how to rap after coming across songs by Bohemia. Although the famous rapper sang in Punjabi, he left Abid entranced. Despite having no formal education and never having come across rap in his native tongue he composed his own lyrics, memorising them entirely.

One day, he noticed a camera crew at the local mela and went up to them, telling them he had several talents, foremost of which was his rapping. Using various gestures and a lot of style, Abid put on a captivating performance for the crew.

The video of his rap then landed with SomewhatSuper who immediately were inspired to create something with it. Joining the Tabeer platform, they got Patari to invite Abid to Lahore where he recorded his vocals and heard his own voice in a proper song for the first time.

Abid would often find temporary employment at the DCO’s residence during the famous Sibbi Mela. During the mela, he would make sure to hang out with and serve food and tea to the famous artists visiting the event. Many times, he was given promises of collaborations, but nothing happened.

One year, Raza Shah, a documentary maker covering the Mela saw Abid, and asked him to show him around. After a few days, Raza recorded an interview and some of Abid’s songs and came back to Lahore. From Raza, Abid’s story reached Somewhatsuper and Patari, and a few months later Abid was in Lahore recording his vocals in a studio.  “The Sibbi Song” is the culmination of that journey.

The experience left him so delighted he couldn't stop laughing for several minutes, giddy with joy.