His song “Ko Ko Korina” was meant to make us fall in love with a matwali soorat, but the nation ended up falling in love with the magical notes of Ahmed Rushdie’s voice. Born on April 24, 1934, this Magician of voice recorded his first song in 1951 for an Indian movie named “Ibrat” but he became a household name when he gave the first anthem of Karachi “Bunder Road se Kemari.” Following this song and year 1954, Ahmed Rushdie was declared the leg piece without which, every cinematic biryani was incomplete. Giving vocals to the ever green songs like Akele na jana, Chand Sa Mukhra Gora Badan, Chalak Rahi Hain Mastiyan, Ae mere diwaney dil, socha tha pyar na karein ge, Teri aankhon ke bheegey sitarey and Ae abr-e-kaaram aaj itna baras and basically, every song that got famous till the end of 1980s. Spread on a span of 4 decades, his career never saw any low despite producing other musical geniuses like Mehdi Hassan, Masood Rana and many more in the same time span as him. Having the credit of recording the highest number of songs for Pakistani Cinema, Ahmed Rushdie is correctly titled as “Master of Stage”.

The first choice of all music producers of his time, he sang more than just movie songs. Habib Jalib’s (And CM Shehbaz Sharif’s) famous poem “Mein nahi manta” was given agelessness by Ahmed Rushdie only. But his life was cut short at 48 years on April 11, 1983 due to a fatal heart attack. He maybe far away from us now, but next time you hear “Gol Gappay wala aya” in your street, give a toast to the first pop singer of subcontinent.