How do I even bring to describe Noori.  

 Ali Hamza is flawless.  

 I’ve heard Ali Noor‘s hair is insured for $10,000.  

 One time they met Abida Parveen on a plane…. And she told them they were pretty.  

 Okay some of these facts maybe as original as degrees handed out by Axact, but this band remains one of Pakistan’s most definitive acts. Formed in 1996, Noori has broken up and gotten back again thrice just like Ross and Rachel, but its members have changed like Joey’s women.  

 Both brothers brought considerable pedigree to the band, with Ali Hamza having become a cult legend for an NSFW song performed while a student at LUMS that went viral. Ali Noor was part of another cult band, Co-Ven, and collaborated on their EP “Not In Your World”.  

 But the Noori that Pakistan came to know and love came to be in February 2003, when they launched their debut album Suno Ke Mei Hun Jawan, which included classics like Manwa Re, Hum Bhoolay and Dubara Phir Se. Two years later, the band returned from a brief hiatus with the critically acclaimed Peeli Pati Aur Raja Jani Ki Gol Duniya. Released in 2005, this album focused on the dark realities of life and how we find ways to escape them. It was a stark change from their phenomenally successful debut album, which had encouraged the youth to focus their energies on making a positive change. PPAJKGD (what an acronym) also featured several super hits like “Mere log”, “Nishaan”, “Kuttaytay to uttay”and “Ooncha” featuring Ali Azmat. The band’s next big move was appearing on Coke Studio, where their embrace of Sufi and folk music helped create some of the show’s most popular songs, including "Aik Alif" and "Hor Vi Neevan Ho". The band is now returning with its third album, "Begum Gul Bakoli Sarfarosh”.  

 Not surprisingly, the first single from the album, titled Ek Tha Badshah, has already become one of Patari’s most played songs. Over the years, the band has included Salman Albert, Farhad Humayun, Murtaza Jaffar, Muhammad Ali Jafri and Louis J. Pinto (aka Gumby). However, despite all those changes, Noori has etched its name in Pakistani music history forever. noori sung song on coke studio Saari Raat Coke Studio Season 2.